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Wedding venue

Based In North London

Spacious Wedding Venue In North London

Oaktree Community Centre is a well-established wedding venue that offers all modern amenities. Our halls make the perfect venue for all kinds of events.

Looking for an affordable yet beautiful wedding venue? We've got you covered, we offer a spacious room with an equally generous kitchen and bar area. You're welcome to use our kitchens and bring in your own catering team. We can direct you towards local catering companies, and well strive to meet any of your requests and requirements. If you have any questions or enquiries please get in touch with us.

Why choose our venue for your wedding?

  • Spacious hall and garden

  • Kitchen and bar available

  • Courteous staff

  • Wheelchair friendly

  • Competitive prices

  • Friendly atmosphere

Hospitality par excellence

At Oaktree Community Centre, rest assured that every detail for your event is in capable hands. Our venue is designed to accommodate up to 90 seated guests comfortably, and our expansive kitchen is more than equipped to cater to them with a three-course meal. We take pride in ensuring that your wedding, party or Christening are not just an event, but a memorable experience marked by exceptional service and attention to detail.

Need a wedding venue with all the modern facilities and friendly staff? Contact Oaktree Community Centre.

For all your perfect wedding venue in North London, contact us using the details below.

Call:  020 8809 3258


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